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2012 Stormwater Projects

Dogwood Ct. Storm Sewer Improvement Project


Project involved installation of approximately 150 LF of 36”, to connect two existing drainage systems. There was also additional work done to repair the existing storm sewer in several locations, by utilizing “Cured In Place Pipe Patches” (CIPP). The existing outfall of this system was also stabilized to prevent erosion at the outfall of the repaired system.

Capitol Blvd. Storm Sewer Sinkhole Repair


Repair to an existing catch basin which had created a sinkhole on private property.

Southland Drive Storm Sewer Improvement Project

$Project Cost Unavailable

Repair project done in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Deerfield Township. After the 22&3 Road Widening, there was a section of storm sewer that discharged onto private property, creating structural flooding for the residents. The District worked closely with the ODOT who provided the materials for repair, and the Township who provided labor to complete the project. There was no direct cost to the District for the work associated with making these improvements.

Homefront Ct. Storm Sewer Repair and Outfall Stabilization


Project consisted of repairing and existing run of storm sewer that had separated and caused the system to begin to fail. The existing outlet structure had settled due to significant erosion at the outlet. Approximately 40’ of storm sewer was replaced, a new headwall was constructed, and the outfall was stabilized using rock channel protection.

Pinnacle Drive Headwall Repair and Sinkhole Repair


The headwall at the end of this storm sewer run had broken and was beginning to collapse. A new headwall was constructed and appropriate concrete collars were poured to prevent and further erosion in the area.

Columbia Road Storm Sewer Improvement Project


This project involved the installation of several hundred feet of HDPE Storm Sewer. The existing properties were experiencing severe flooding due to inadequate storm sewer systems in the area.

Kingsley Court Storm Sewer Repair


The Deerfield Regional Storm Water District rehabilitated of 140 lf of 30” corrugated metal pipe (cmp), with 3 inches of 8000psi at 28 day, dry mix shotcrete, which is reinforced with galvanized welded wire fabric. We also had the upstream headwall stabilized and tied a new 2-2B catch basin into the cmp and also tied the cmp into the downstream headwall. Additionally, we also had the contractor place shotcrete under the eroding drive, in the sinkholes and pumped the material into all voids around the pipe.

Whippoorwill Drive Storm Sewer Replacement Project


Project consisted of replacement of over 150 feet of 12” diameter HDPE storm sewer; which had collapsed. The system was repaired and tied into the existing storm structures.